Monday, 28 May 2012

Rhyl 5k

Nice tranquil conditions, just a slight headwind (very light breeze really) on the way back.
6. Simon R, 16.54
21. Steve B, 18.40 (1st V55)
28. Mike J, 19.21
52. Margaret, 22.25
84. Alison, 26.41

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Steve's carrying the Olympic torch !

Just noticed this on the torch relay info:

Stephen Bellis

Stephen's nomination story
"Steve has worked with young people in and leaving the care system for many years. He currently works in Rhyl, one of Wales' most deprived areas, for Barnardo's Cyfle service, supporting young care-leavers 16-24 with issues such as substance misuse, learning disability, mental health, offending, accommodation, and one-to-one emotional support. Steve works with tremendous dedication and patience with some of the most vulnerable young people in society, young people who have been given, quite often, the most horrendous start in life. He makes a massive difference through his bright personality and patience in the face of often very trying circumstances. Quite often, the most important thing for many of these young people is knowing there is someone, even one person, who is always there for them, no mater what. Steve very often is this person. I am nominating Steve because I feel he deserves recognition, but also because I feel this is the ideal way for him to get this. Steve is a dedicated long-distance runner. He runs every day without fail, and competes in races most weekends. He recently completed the London Marathon this year, running for Barnardo's, and finished in a very competitive time. If Steve is successful through this nomination, it will serve not only as an important moment for him, but also as an inspiration to the young people we work with, seeing someone they know doing something in the public eye which promotes exercise and health living."

Carrying the Flame through
Carrying the Flame on

So if you're not doing anything that day, might be good to go & give him a cheer.


Sandstone Trail Race

This 'race' was re-started by Helsby RC in 2011. Officially it's not a race, rather a Long Distance Walking event, but they allow runners to take part as well (& do record times, if only to the nearest minute). It covers the whole of the Sandstone trail, from Whitchurch to Frodsham, with the distance varying between 33 and 34 miles, depending upon where you look (and my Garmin said 33.4).

Registration is from 6am, so it's not for those that like a lie-in ! You're bussed down to Whitchurch, with a start at ~ 815. The local Tescos was a bit surprised when they were invaded by a load of runners looking for a bit of last minute relief, but they didn't seem to mind too much !

The route itself is a great mixture of trail, starting by the canal-side, moving on to flatfish fields, then a few bumps around Pickerton & Beeston, a bit more flat, and then the pull up into Delamere, and the final sting-in-the-tail at Frodsham.

Couple of bits of excitement on the way - one was finding one of the runners who had pushed himself too hard & was in a bad way; cue for a lot of runners standing around him saying "who's got a phone?", "where are we?", "what number do we call ?" but we got it all sorted in the end; and right at the end we came to church where there was a wedding, and they'd parked the wedding cars right in front of the direction sign for where we were to go; cue for more runners standing scratching their heads until we found the sign !

So it took 6 hours. Lots of food was eaten on the way. Lots of chat, as you tend to group up with folks running the same pace. The views were fantastic (unfortunately my camera skills didn't do it justice, so no photo worth posting) and the weather was even good !. What more can you want ?!.

If you fancy doing something after your next marathon, then have a think about this one


Friday, 4 May 2012

Chester half

Any numbers going for the Chester half? If so, please get in touch (

Mynydd Troed

The first race in this year's Welsh fell running championships was badly timed, with a howling gale and freezing rain battering those of us who'd made the long trip down to Pengenffordd near Brecon. The route was shortened, probably inevitably, but still involved two steep climbs up Mynydd Troed. The wind blew us up the first climb, although sometimes came in from the side, knocking runners down like skittles. Simon R performed a full somersault on the descent then demonstrated an almost unbelievable level of stupidity by following the tape of the longer original route instead of taking a short cut back up the road. Jez had a much better run, finishing well up a very strong field drawn from across Wales (13th?). Sue also ran a good race, but the real hero was John - who finished with the most classic case of hypothermia I've ever seen. Unable to talk and shivering uncontrollably he was plonked in front of the pub fire to thaw out whilst receiving several full body massages. He then got a very comprehensive full medical at Abergavenny hospital (he's in fine fettle by the way) and ended up with a tremendous haul of outdoor gear, including a set of children's waterproofs, that kindly onlookers had stuffed into his bag...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Some dates for your diary

I have listed some dates for racesover the summer. I am keeping a diary and will update it periodically. Please let me know of any races you know of that you think the rest of the club might be interested in.
Many thanks


23 Sun Centre 5km Rhyl 7.15
26 Ras Pen Cader Dolgellau 1.00
29 Presentation Night Running Hare 8.00 onwards
2 Wincle Trout Macclesfield 2.45
5 Thursataton MT Wirral 7.15
7 Deestriders Off-road Race 1 Shotton 7.30
12 The Beast Maeshafn 7.15
20 Hot-foot up Moel Famau Top Car Park 7.30
24 Moel-y-Gamelin Ponderosa 11.00
1 Riverbank Run (10km) Rhyl 11.00
1 Fairy Freckled Cow Alwen Res 11.30
3 Pub Night Running Hare 8.30 onwards
5 Deestriders Off-road Race 2 Shotton 7.30
2 Deestriders Off-road Race 3 Shotton 7.30
7 Pub Night Running Hare 8.30 onwards
18 Race the Train Tywyn 12.00 & 2.00
4 Pub Night Running Hare 8.30 onwards
7 Deestriders Off-road Race 4 Shotton 7.00