Monday, 27 June 2011

Moel-y-Gamelin Sunday 26th June

After the cold of Wednesday and the rain on Friday we had the heat of Sunday for this 9.5 mile fell race.

The race starts from the Poderosa Café on the Horseshoe Pass, amid an odd mixture of cyclists, motor bikers and nice elderly couples out for a Sunday drive. The start takes you directly into a climb up Cribyn Oernant, with a dip then up to Moel-y-Gamelin (578m). Then down a fierce drop, cross a track before heading up again to the trig point on Moel Morfydd (549m). The path drops down before you set off in a straight line across the moorland, passing a drink station on a side-road then follow the fence to the end of the open moorland. Turn right, follow the fence, turn right again and follow the fence back towards the finish, cross the road again with another drink station. Undulating but good fast running. You reach a track and turn right again with a gently but steady climb till you reach the pass. The track drops down towards Llangollen (nice views!). But you turn left, up to Moel-y-Gamelin.

Must be nearly home now. Except for…………… remember that fierce climb I told you about? It is actually steeper going up than it is coming down. But when you do reach the cairn it is undulating for a while; over Cribyn Oernant, then a downhill run to the finish. I was really happy to see it. Get changed and join the bikers and the grandparents for tea and cakes.

Eight Buckley Runners ran in this club championship

Jez Brown 5th in 1.19.57

Simon Edwards 8th in 1.22.27

Dave Boothroyd 33rd in 1.36.49

John Morris 44th in 1.41.58

Paul Donoghue 65th in 1.48.32

Marcus Reid 67th in 1.50.00

Fenella Higgins 92nd in 2.11.16

Robert Mackey 94th in 2.16.35

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tattenhall Tough Team Race Friday 24th June

If it was cold on Moel Famau on Wednesday, by Friday it was wet. Few people can remember this classic race being held in wet conditions but this year made up for it. It rained steadily all evening, but at least it was a bit warmer. It was perfect conditions for running.

This race is different. 9 miles total with about 700 feet of climbing. It starts on the road for 3 miles, then on tracks mainly climbing before a sharp drop down, a bit slippery in the rain but OK. At the end there is a mile of fast downhill through fields and 2.5 miles back on the road.

Did I mention the railway? Before you can run down a fast mile of fields you have to go up. Its a big "up" too. A straight 300+ foot climb up an inclined plain, gradually getting steeper until it is nearly vertical at the top (it felt like it was) made rather tricky as the concrete sleepers covered with leaves were a bit slippy! As you finally scamble up the last yard the Grim Reaper extends a creepy skeletal hand to help you on your way. Other races have St John Ambulance but this one goes one better. Then you can go downhill! And it is a team event. Last runner across the line counts.

Nine Buckley Runners were there. Jez, Simon R and Eric had a fine run and were second male vet team. Dawn, Pete and Huw competed in the mixed vets. Paul Stinton ran with a couple of Wirral runners to make up a team. Rob and Jack had a very a very quick Tattenhall runnner top make up their team (We never saw him during the race, he was back in the bar, changed by the time Jack and I finished). But we all had a run and all agreed it was great fun.

And for information the Grim Reper drinks pints of bitter and eats bread rolls. I know because I saw him the bar later.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Hotfoot up Famau

A large, and distressingly fast, field turned up for this brutal but classic little race. A keen wind blew, and good fun was had by all. A grand battle for first V50 saw Huw pip Steve Bellis to the line - with a similar battle between Pete and John for first V60. Sadly, the plastic pig had already been claimed by the time they got their hands on the prizes - but some lucky people did return with a locally-sourced lettuce.
8. Jez
9. Simon E
10. Simon R
29. Huw
30. Steve B
41. Pete
47. John
83. Samantha
98. Rob

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trail Race up the Beast

Once again John Morris persuaded Judith Charmers to arrange the weather for this increasingly popular mid week fell race, and it worked. Judith struggled on the last climb to be fair.

Not as balmy as last year with some pretty strong winds at the pinnacle of the lime stone escarpment, this casually slipped in by Morris as ''this years surprise'' in what has become to all intents as purposes a Buckley planned, organised, and staffed fell race instigated and developed by John.

Runners came from literally all over, though last years Norwegian contestant, he's from Rhyl really, failed to turn up. Family commitments I here from his father.
78 runners completed the course.
So how did we do? brilliant me thinks,

Jez Brown, 1st with a 'battering' 35.25
Simon Roberts 3rd
Simon Edwards 4th
Steve Bellis 12th
James Pickering 67th
Sue Ridings 72nd
Robert Mackey 73rd

There is a video which with luck I'll get on utube, if Morris fails to pay the ransom!!
Take care
Higgins (very) Snr.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Correction - with apologies from Rob

John Morris has pointed out to me that I have made a serious administrative error.

At the Running Hare during the presentations, and in the report on the blog I wrongly gave the championship winners as Simon Edwards - it should have read Simon Roberts.

Congratulations Simon and my apologies to Simon. It was clearly my fault; John Morris gave me the results, neatly typed out. I just misread them. Sorry. (note to self - must do better!)

Posted by Rob

If your name is on the winners list and you were unable to collect your award I have them in a box in my office. I'll shift them to my car so I have a reasonable chance of seeing you you either at the club or at arace somnewhere. All I have to di is remember to hand them over, if not please remind me. Simon, I'll get the championship trophy engraved and let you know when it is done.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Buckley Runners Presentation at the Running Hare

The annual presentation on June 7th at the Running Hare was a great success. I didn’t count but there had to be about thirty runners and family there. It began with the usual; eating, drinking and chatter, briefly interrupted by the presentation of awards before returning to the drinking and chatter. It was good to see so many of us there, and I know several others who were unable to attend because of other commitments.

It is the chance for the chairman to thank and congratulate everybody in the club for their contribution to the club in last year, whatever the level, whatever the type of running, whatever the level of success; they all make the club what it is. The club is what the members make it, and as such we are all winners.

The evening is clearly about the club competitions, so here are the scores on the doors. It is a combination of some regulars with some interesting result, but I’m delighted to see some returners and some new names appearing on the score sheets.

Border League Men

1st Jez Brown 176 points

2nd Eric Campbell 165 points

3rd Matt Rose 149 points

4th Les Coathup 127 points

5th Mike Jones 121 points

6th = Jeff Gifford 116 points

6th = Steve Bellis 116 points

8th Dave Boothroyd 112 points

9th Marcus Reid 110 points

10th John Morris 106 points

Border League Ladies

1st Erika Robinson 90 points (maximum)

2nd Fen Higgins 83 points

3rd Margaret Ludden 63 points

4th Sue Ridings 23 points

Cross Country Men

1st Matt Rose 100 points (maximum)

2nd Rob Mackey 66 points

3rd Eric Campbell 57 points

4th Les Coathup 37 points

5th Dan Hollingsworth 36 points

6th Huw Lewis 34 points

Cross Country Ladies

1st Sue Ridings 66 points

2nd Anne Ablett 61 points

3rd Erika Robinson 60 points

4th Dawn Urquhart 43 points

Club Championship Men

1st Simon Edwards 163 point

2nd John Morris 160 points

3rd Rob Mackey 151 points

Club Championshior Ladies

1st Fen Higgins 113 points

2nd Margaret Ludden 111 points

3rd= Sue Ridings 107 points

3rd = Dawn Urquhart 107 points

Members Award

As usual the members’ award showed the range of contributions that members make to the club. Reading the nominations is really heart-warming, it makes you realize that the members appreciate the work done by so many people in so many ways. Although I am concerned about nominations for dancing and wearing very short shorts! Congratulations go to everybody who was nominated.

And a big thank to the staff at The Running Hare, they did us proud. The warm friendly atmosphere made for an excellent event.

Posted by Rob

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wincle Trout Fell Race, 4th June 2011

The population of Wincle ( 147 adults registered to vote) evidenced a temporary though massive increase on Saturday 4th of June as the village held it's now famous annual fete and fell race.
Situated in the beautiful Peak District National Park the location gave runners some respite from the heat of recent days with a cooling breeze and slight cloud cover.
The race , this covered a 9k course that included fast grass 'downs', tricky stony 'ups' and the infamous river crossing, unsurprisingly wet as water tends to be. Of the 297 finishers, 'Buckley Blues' fielded 9 competitors, all of whom finished in great style.

First in the cake tent,
Huw Lewis in 47.55 and 3rd in age group
Pete Roberts 51.07 and winning the MV60 for the third time I think Pete?
Paul Stinton 51.13 31st age group
Chris Higgins 53.27 12th age group
John Morris 53.59, 3rd age group and Come Dancing Winner, more later on this matter.
Marcus Reid 54.42 31st age group
Fenella (one n )Higgins 59.12 9th in age group
Rob Mackey 66.38 12th age group
Sue Ridings 68.06 53rd in age group.

A good contingent stayed under canvass at the local Wild Boar for the night where true to form, colleagues rose to the local challenges of 'speed and endurance dancing' whilst others dedicated themselves to 'barrel emptying', an ancient sport initiated in the area by Viking traders.

To cut a long story as they say, Johnny 'Legs Diamond' Morris pirouetted the opposition in to surrender with an amazing display of dancing from around the globe, including, Salsa, Polka, tap and the much acclaimed shake, rattle (years on the hills causes that ) and roll.
The barrel emptying was tied between Buckley, Clwydian and Cholomendy (well practiced ) contestants, I think.

All in all a great time, great race, great cake and brilliant company.
Just a reminder to wash 'yer boots' as there has been an outbreak of a fungal infection that effects bilberries in the Peak park and we don't want it on 'our hills'.
Take care
Chris H.